Saturday, June 28, 2008

Reading the papers with my mum today about some rich guy being arrested for trying to buy a kidney (of the human variety), the talk develops into how you know, I heard this rumour that Andrea D'Cruz totally didn't even want to get married to Pierre Png but because he gave her half his liver, she had to? Allegedly!

So my mum says, "But he seems quite sweet, he is quite good-looking what.."

"Well, yeah..but you know sometimes they're sweet, but also secretly annoying? And then -"

"- Yan.."

"What if, you know, she likes the manly-manly kind of guy -"



"I think you're," and she gestures waveringly here, "I think you're kind of channeling here?"

"... NO."

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ok so I don't have that much to say already or rather, don't really want to say here. Am presently very frustrated with a few very pertinent things but I think I've vented it enough to long-suffering friends and family, SO NO MORE.

But suffice to say, I am very worried. People! Keep your fingers and toes crossed please.  

In the mean time, why not put my drawings and doodlings up right? (I have an awesome new camera, also.)

Compressed charcoal on newsprint. Not my best drawing in terms of portraiture because it hardly looks like the model but I guess this one shows quite well what my drawing style has developed into. 

A better drawing, in terms of accuracy. Look at all the Grecian muscular proportions Alphonsus! Heh. He wasn't actually nude but man, drawing in spandex bike shorts would have  totally killed it ha. 

In ballpoint, copied from a biology book. 
[ATTN: Jenn - ballpoint works a lot better than ink, if you're still reluctant to move to pencil :)]

I need to do more stuff like this.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Pencil drawing from a photo of my dad and his siblings when they were kids (obviously) for his birthday, but I still haven't given it to him!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

See the white glow in the upper half of the picture? That is apparently because my camera's sensor has gone wonky! Which gives me a Good and Valid reason to hunt for a new one muahaha

Hello friends.

It is not 2:30AM, and the hunger pangs have hit! Because, as I have just realized, the only form of dinner I had was an ice cream cone from Island Creamery (yay!) and it was apple pie flavour (double yay!).

But still, hungry.

You know I never understood why people would choose to have their ice cream scoop in a cup instead of a cone. I mean, a cone is like being given extra food! Take it! You know? Cardboard on the other hand...

A line I found randomly on the internet: a woman's biggest fear is abandonment and a man's biggest fear is responsibility.

And I thought wait, that's not true - then decided maybe it was. Maybe the reason why I let things go so easily and quickly is because its a defense mechanism..can't be abandoned by things or people you've already cut yourself off from. And on the part on responsibility..maybe that's true as well. Because there was this one time I had a conversation with Syahrul (who comes from a family where both parents work) and I mentioned that I hardly intend to be a working mother which completely freaked him out. I think his exact words were along the lines of: What, I have to support the family myself??

Well that was then anyway.

I am also still scared of how quickly I let things go.

But also, by how much I want certain things.