Saturday, March 31, 2007

You, dear reader, have no idea how there are times when I desperately regret being a girl and wish I was born a boy instead.

Specifically, times when the parental folks kick up a fuss when I return home slightly late - which sounds like a rather juvenile issue, but in principle, is very infuriating.

I detest that by gender, I am considered inherently vulnerable, and therefore in need of protection or avoidance of suspiciously shady things. This would include venturing by oneself to ulu places, or sleepovers with Platonic Male Friends, taking cabs home late at night, and also waiting at a lonely bus stop late at night.

It also means that non-family traveling is nary a feasible sight - at least, with the parents I have. I absolutely cannot travel alone, as it seems I am as a being, too weak to fend for myself. I could travel with other girls, but what's a bunch of girls going to do with a man wielding a big, scary stick?

Well then, the option then seems to be that I need Strong Men to protect my virtue, as my parents would be wont to approve! Oh but wait - what if they are not trustworthy? What if they outrage my modesty? What if they infuse a ridiculous amount of sedatives into my beverage of choice and date-rape my limp and comatose form? What if I engage in wild, tantric, out-of-the-country, pre-marital sex? What if, what if, what if! Well fuck that.

This gender of mine is rather crippling, and I honestly think that with my personality, I would be much more suited having been born a boy.

Although I admit that at this rate, I probably cry too much to make a decently good boy either.

It also seems, I am destined to be attached under someone via a relationship for the whole of my life - this sounds alot more fun to you dirty minds out there (I know who you are!)- and I dislike this. I am constantly going to be my father's daughter, my mother's daughter..until I get married I suppose, wherein this title will supercede the former: Somebody's Wife.

I would like very much to be my own person, when the decisions I make no longer need approval from Higher Authorities. But I suppose as a fairly civil member of society, it is crucial that my actions appease others, and so this seems unlikely, on the whole.

Anyone care to disagree?

Monday, March 19, 2007

At least I have the decency to agree that yes, it is rather disgusting how I have not blogged in more than a month, even skipping over one of the most life-altering events that happened recently!

Sure everyone (who cares, and matters) knows already, but here it is anyway in case people living under a rock are curious enough to want to know:
Lit - A
Art - A (not sure how I pulled this one off really, considering I handed in incomplete coursework BUT HECK I AM GLAD)
Econs - C of which I am so incredibly, thoroughly happy with!!!
GP - B3, a bit bleh, but yeah I'm alright.

When I saw my results slip, the first thing I said was YEAH C FOR ECONS!! with hands all up in the air, and honestly, did not give that much of a shit about the double As. I suppose it is all relative.

So at this point of time, I am in the process of applying to anyone who'll take me. Haha, not really - do you think I'm that loose? Don't answer that. But really, C'MON PICK ME PICK ME, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.

Which brings me to this!

It was really amazingly fun and hilarious to make, which makes me wonder why I never started sooner. Honestly, I LOVE IT.

#EDIT: Everybody's right, youtube has failed me. Yousendit PWNZ all. So here, if the youtube still ain't working by the time you get here!