Monday, April 23, 2007


Even daily 7 hours of telemarketing won't get me down now that I have this in mind. Yell/snark at me all you want random receptionists, hokkien ah peks and hotshot finance managers. Oh the glee, the glee!

Will tell you guys when things are confirmed, of course.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

One of the nice things about having a boyfriend is that you get to find out Things - Mysteries of Guy Behaviour. Sure, you could ask your average Platonic Male Friend but for all you know, they might still be holding something back. Hmm.

Between significant others though, there isn't any secrecy. Unless it concerns a disgusting habit, like that you eat your toenail clippings for example, and your neighbour's. You can keep that a secret. Apart from that however, SURRENDER ALL YOUR KNOWLEDGE TO ME NOW THAT WE ARE ONE SYMBIOTIC BEING!

Yes well anyway -

The other day, I got around to asking Syahrul the usual routine of Why are guys like that? What are they thinking of when so-and-so happens? Is it true that all guys think Fergie looks like a tranny? (answer: Affirmative)

"Supposing there is a guy who for some reason, has a LOT of female friends, more than he has guy friends, how do the rest of the Guy Clique feel about this?"

"Well, I think he should share."