Sunday, May 14, 2006

But what's wrong with narration?

Just came across a online journal that bemoaned that its entries have recently regressed into pure narrative, and I'm still thinking: what's wrong with that?

I suppose the reason why I haven't been blogging much these days is that I've been drawing a thicker line between what I might blog about, and what I won't. Finding it odd now to spew out how I feel in public, and sometimes I really do think people should be less emotional in their blogs.

Don't know why, but I guess in my head, it is that if I keep something private, it not only means that it means more to me, but it keeps its value. As opposed to it being aired like dirty laundry -- telling everybody, then everybody knows and its public, its no longer exclusively yours and it simply becomes part of the monumentally large heap of online debris.

Oh gee, I'm even uberly possesive about my thoughts.

Meanwhile, narration!

Technically, we had a three and a half day weekend and despite our principal's prayer that we would use the time in a wisely academic way, well, I did not.

Of course we didn't.

Thursday evening was spent with the family -- justified because it is a rare occasion of Family Bonding. Surely the Catholic school would approve of that, yes? We went up the DHL balloon which went up decently high and it is quite pleasant. Too bad the fog from the recent shower marred the already limited picturesque value of the Singapore skyline. Nevertheless! We found a shop that sold funny hats (score!), and it occurred to me that if we (being Charmaine, Matthew and Hazri) really wanted Milo dinosaurs and good prata post-library sessions, Arab Street is somewhat a walking distance away! HURRAH.

Friday, slept in late. Went to school/Hwa Chong for SYF rehearsals. Quite boring, being a button pusher. Dropped by my class'gathering, was really funny! And then in the words of Amanda Wingfield, Deception! Deception! Don't know when to feel more guilty - when in the act of deceiving, or the deception succeeding.

Saturday, back in school for a short stay during rehearsals - back to the laptop to fiddle with sound things. Met for lunch with family i.e. my cousin, Dhaniah. Later in the evening: Broadcast @ the Substation! I think the best local gig I've been too so far, simply because there was so much going on for $10 - oh HURRAH!, the Singaporean in me cries.

Nothing is more alluring than value-for-money.

Before the gigs, they screened some local shorts and there was this one that was REALLY very good. It was charming, funny and in a refreshing way, didn't take themselves too seriously? You know, as in the acting wasn't all consistently great but you can tell that they're cool with that. They didn't film it to be Cannes Film Fest material - they did it because they wanted to tell a story about the less than sparkling side of Singapore, in a fun and funny way. Kudos to that!

Bands to note cos they were brill and things! If you see one of the names and think, 'duh, I already know they're awesome', well, um, anyway!

- Life Without Dreams
Yeah I know their name sounds on the emo side of things, but what awesome shoegaze! Honestly, killer atmospheric experimental, (largely instrumental) electronic rock. I suppose not everybody liked it, cos including Dhaniah and myself, only 5 people were really getting into their sound but oh! After their second track, we concurred that their music makes you want to go to sleep to ascend to higher levels of..consciousness? I don't mean its very revelatory, but that if you really concentrate on their music, you become so aware of how rich and layered the music is, and there is only that sound that kind of lilts and lulls and lifts you along.

- Etc
ZOMGUH this band is superhilarious! Their songs are witty, in a dry deadpan way and so catchy in that UK music way. EBS people, janice especially if she is reading this, you guys will like them! Co-incidentally, they're playing at Arts House next Saturday *hint hint*

- the Stoned Revivals
Yes, everyone knows how great they are and yes, they are. I would give them the applauding commentary they deserve. But I am supremely annoyed that they DIDN'T STICK TO THEIR SET TIME LIMIT AND THEREFORE, PUSHED BACK ASTREAL'S SET WHICH WAS WHAT I WENT TO THE GIG FOR.
Like, I know you're good! We all know that! We like you! A lot! You played your 45 minutes! Move on!

- Astreal
Life is cruel. I could only stay for 20 minutes of their set before I had to drag myself away to catch the last bus and augh they were sounding so good. The last time I heard them was when I was with Zara at DesignEdge last year, and since then, have been wondering whether they are as great as my memory makes them out to be.

Well, my memory is right.

They sound great live and yes, the drummer is still very hot. And very engaged. *sigh*

Then Dhaniah came over to my place where we baked and souped for Mother's Day! Will post pictures soon! There was too much pumpkin.

Sunday sunday sunday, slept in, exhausted from the dough kneading. Watched waaaaaaaay too much television (but so so good), went to my grandma's for another family shindig that was typically pleasant but boring. Panicked over lack of work done, blogged.

The end.

Note: So if certain people are not mentioned in this entry, it's because I can't decide whether its blog or non-blog material. Just wanted to say that, in case that person is reading this.


Saturday, May 06, 2006

Surely, I have something to say!

Right, how's this: the other day for PE, my friend and I were packed off to the gym. The reason being that we still could not land our standing broad jump well - and quite literally for me. I hit the 170s, but it seems that my center of gravity has claimed a permanent place of residence on my butt, because that's what I kept falling on.

It's just a tad awkward being the only two girls in the gym, doing funny leg exercise machine things in our short shorts while the guys muck around doing their own thing, occasionally grunting fraternal support and admiration to each other. Also interesting is that it looks a little absurd, this whole affair with exercise machines. As if we've been reduced to such a sedantary life that we need these bulky and complicated looking machines to develop basic muscles!

Our Little Art Class faced a traumatic event yesterday, when an art teacher from a certain established junior college, upon invitation from our own teacher, visted us for consultation services concerning our A level coursework.

So traumatic that we ended up coining the name the Fry Club for those who received her attention. I was spared fortunately, but those who weren't like Zara and Kenneth ended up even more confused than before, and primarily because once more, it triggered the whole structured institutionalized art vs. free art -- and no prizes for guessing which camp said visitor came from!

No guesses from which side I come from either.

I don't know, I just cannot understand why people would think that to get a good grade for the A Levels, you have to somehow sacrifice some extent of your creative will to give space for what the Cambridge People Want. I know you've heard this rant a gazillion times from me Zar, but augh the issue still makes me itch! What is the point of doing another hyper-realistic painting in *gasp* acrylic, when there are already so many around such that it looks like it was almost painted by the same person. It's all the same, and it's all very boring after awhile. I cannot understand the fear and paranoia that surround the whole issue! Notably, not quite the fault of the students, since it was first perpetuated by the's times like this that I was so pleasantly surprised that our teacher, who we thought to be quite uptight, is somewhat liberal after all.

But you know, I suppose even after my whole DON'T BE AFRAID, JUST DO WHAT YOU WANT sentiments, I am aware that I might be risking (gasp!) a B and I'd be lying if I said it doesn't worry me..but I think that if I did get a grade lower than an A for the right reasons, I'd be okay with it. In this sense, it's not like the other A level subjects where you flop because you didn't work hard enough, or just messed up that crucial 90 minutes of essay-writing. Because at least your work will speak for itself you know, so to hell with what the examiners think cos after all, if you're going to work in an art-related industry, its the portfolio they look at more I should think, and not the grade.

Boy, am I glad I'm going to an industry where sneakers and not polished leather shoes patter about.

But still, I have faith in the Cambridge examiners - that they really aren't the pinched, narrow uber-traditionalists that they are made out to be, and can recognize skill, talent and effort when they see it. Let's give them some credit, right.