Thursday, June 18, 2009


Which means you Aini!

I have lost weight.

No, not really. That is just some epic cheek-sucking-in and effective lighting at work. But! Remember when I said I cut my hair, and I was feeling hella awesome about it. Well I'm still feeling awesome about it and have been upkeeping what was an originally expensive hair cut with $5 trims (YEAH!) and it has been about two months now and I am totally loving it.

Fine and Normal

Pretty Awesome!

Not to get too philosophical over something as trivial as hair, but I do feel it represents who I am very aptly. Although a friend said I am a total alpha female with this hair...and I don't know how I feel about that. Has its pros and cons.

(Oh and when my mum saw it, she said she only liked one side - guess which. HAHA)

(Actually she specifically said the side she didn't like looked like something out of a drug rehab center.)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

One of the few touristy pictures I took on my trip to Cambodia, courtesy of Frankie. There are a kajillion photos, so I'm just going to indiscriminately pick a few that amuse me.

Pre-album artwork for Dhaniah's band, My Writes. They play indie pop although I think their new album It's Okay, I'm With The Band, explores different styles quite nicely. The five people who read this blog! Check them out here!

Final thing:

#EDIT: On another note, how annoying is it that all the cool boys are taken?

#EDIT: Also, they need to invent a function that allows you to retract an sms from being sent out because you were only half-thinking (although the sentiments were genuine) and it was too late when you realize, oh fuck maybe that wasn't very appropriate. Resulting in an sms exchange that was awkward to the max which personally, made it ridiculous and hilarious but in all probability, I don't think the other person found it that way.

Lately, I've also been thinking about how I'm so limited/narrow in my interest. Which is design, obviously. Its just that I've been meeting new people and they're into this, and also this and this and what would I say? I'm really into graphic design.

What, that's it? Although I do love EVERYTHING about design. I love the sensitive treatment of typography, especially in recent issues of Vanity Fair.
And also in letterpress typography.

This one I found at Oh So Beautiful, a design blog I found today with a great focus on all things paper and beautiful.

And packaging design, motion graphics and the crafting of intent that comes with advertising and branding. I wish I was really good at what I do though. There are amazing people out there and I think more than just to have a brilliant and clever idea, the other thing to scour for is recognition. Which is more than talent and skill, sometimes its just plain luck and connections.

Wow funny mousse birthday cake I had earlier is doing things to my digestive system now at 4:41 A.M. Selective and sporadic lactose intolerance, YOU SUCK.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Its funny how reading astrology books do help in creating some sense and explanation for the things that I would otherwise, only have half-vague answers for. Which is really why I have always been pulled towards astrology, for the simple fact that it offers me a brace or scaffolding to lean on to, a foundation to build up my own understanding of the relationships I have with people.

Anyway, I was hanging out with Dhaniah yesterday which was great as always, but a bit more awesome this time because we had an episode of hysterically cussing out the world to expel our frustration (WHICH FELT GREAT AND REALLY WORKED BTW) and then were witnesses to a pretty damn cool lead singer-mosh pit dynamic which made for good analysis and discussion on male aggression (lol), and then discussion on things that are bright, shiny and new, and then actually genuine cross-affirmation of things along the line of 'yeah, you totally deserve better!'

Good weekend.