Sunday, September 25, 2005

i would kick this blog alive, but am preparing for my imminent death in the form of tomorrow's Econs essay paper. tell me how you want to be listed under my will; what do you want me to refer to you as, and what you would want from me.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Channelnewsasia Forum :: View topic - Arts or Science..Which is better?

Channelnewsasia Forum :: View topic - Arts or Science..Which is better?: "I was an Arts student. I think the main diff is that Science subjects are more towards theory whereas Arts makes you think. (real hard I tell you)."

yes, thinking. absolutely iffy, that!

*much amused*

i've been poking around the CNA online forum pages, and it really is quite fun. and i realize how geeky just saying that makes me - OH WELL. it's brilliant really, you read posts by incredibly astute people, then completely moronic people that you just want to slap and cannot believe they exist, and then you encounter bits of endearing true Singaporean-ness:

on the costs of studying overseas
"If you want cheap go study in Indonesia. Woaaaa lau lan ey, everyone so giam siap one."

i actually burst out laughing when i saw that.

Poking through forums like this is like blog-hopping, but in a better condensed form and it makes me happy because i get in a debate-y mode and actually CAN put forth my opinion because that's what i'm supposed to do!


Thursday, September 08, 2005

A session of camwhoring by the river with the EBS.

because i don't feel quite wordy recently, for lack of inspiration or more likely, sleep, here's a summary of sunday's events.

it rained, a lot.

as the wet roads should testify. this photo was taken by hazri, and gleefully digitally-fiddled by yours truly.

we trooped over to lau pa sat for food, and more camwhoring of brilliant architecture that is somewhat lacking in singapore recently *coughSMUcoughsupremecourtcough*

i love this shot. it is something about the masses of dark space in brilliant contrast to the light from the stalls and windows that i find - guh. i don't know, there's a reason why i took a photo of it, instead of writing a prose piece.


and what is a camwhoring session by the river, without pictures

of the river itself!

i can't quite decide which i like better, so yeah.

and of course, the customary emoshots of beautiful people (why am i not getting paid for this?):

hoho i knooow you like this picture vincent. so, just a friendly reminder: if seft needs a photographer cum graphic artist, remember who is willing to work for a nominal sum (or lunch)!

it's quite a pity that you can't see his face in this picture because hazri usually makes very good photos. oh well, TOO BAD - besides, i have enough photos of you looking dramatically and photogenically good

so you see matthew, if all else fails, you can be - A MODEL. don't try to deny it, you stood there for eons just waaaaiting for someone to take your picture

Embodying the spirit of adolescent angst and burn-out. after one too many circular debates on the merits of local poetry and pretentious art, perhaps? but lovely photo though.

janice, again. (taken by hazri, edited by me.)
suddenly, she is quite happy. i wonder why - passing parade of nekkid gay men, hmm? i think this was an attempt by hazri to take model-esque pictures of all of us, and this proves me wrong on the fact that people look best in candid shots, cos jan looks awesome here.

kass. (i *think* i took this one, don't throw rocks at me hazri!)
so pretty - the thing i like about taking pictures of kass is that she has this simplicity and innocence about her. i'm not saying this is who she is, or isn't, but my pictures of her always have that quality. it's quite a rare thing, nowadays.

and me (taken by hazri, edited by me).
decidedly happier behind the camera, ja.