Thursday, August 17, 2006

sms spam!

"Being not attractive is not an excuse for not having friends. Call Dreamchat 1900-9111111 now. Real people waiting to know the inner side of you."


Sunday, August 13, 2006


For the few random souls that are still browsing through this thoroughly non-regularly updated blog, I offer you this:

It is a hilarious blog kept by a mum of a adopted 2 year old girl, Nora, who is so precocious and random and weird and OH IT IS SO ADORABLE that it makes me want to have a baby. So yes, occupy yourselves with this blog while I go through the rigours of the impending A Levels!

Rigours! Tomorrow I am having my Econs mock exam and yet, I spent half the time reading the archives of aforementioned blog -- I am up to July 2005 so far, and it has been a cheery and laughy read. Which in any case, is certainly preferable than tediously going over old lecture Powerpoint slides trying to figure out why a decreasing average marginal cost would lead to an implosion of white matter, grey matter and doesn't matter!

I also feel really stupid sitting for mock exams, because they make me think of mock meat vegetarian food, which I think, is the cruellest affliction on these morally-righteous souls. Surely, the Powers That Be should grant these high-minded people proper and nice-tasting food for their sacrifice?

My boyfriend is a strange person, and I only say this because I suspect he might be more strange than me. Yesterday in the balcony, he suddenly proclaims:

"I AM A KING. This is our kingdom of - where are we? okay, Teck Whye Lane - and you are the queen of queens! WHERE ARE OUR PEASANTS WHO WORSHIP US, WHERE ARE MY KNIGHTS. WHERE ARE MY KNIGHTS, OH HELLO TAXI!"


Although to be honest, after I got over the initial seconds of why did he just say that?, the first thing that popped into MY head was: wait, I don't want to be queen of queens! That sucks, i want to be king, the king of queens because queen means you're second, but wait I don't want to be a guy AND WHO SAYS QUEEN IS SECOND PLACING ANYWAY.

So I told him shut up, because look at all my latent gender angst and prejudice!

Once at an Adidas store, he points out a pair of red shoes, "Those are my soccer boots."

"Really? They're nice."

"I have them with me right now."

"But, you didn't have any soccer things just now, did you?"

"I know, I just wanted to use this bag but it felt weird and light because there was nothing in it so I brought my boots to make it heavy."

Oh such bursts of irrationality! But they are amusing and funny, and I like them because it is more entertaining than when he seriously tries to convince me that Spiderman is real because hey, doesn't fiction all have some basis of truth? No, no Syahrul, don't take my quasi-philosophical statement and put it in something that is terribly implausible because then I feel all the little philosophical convictions I have are just pieces of stupid bunk and oh I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ANYMORE!

But then, sometimes he has these moments of absolute lucidity and insight! Once, quite some time ago, in a conversation where I was having a burst of iamsomessedup introspection, he says:

"You know what you are? YOU'RE LIKE A DUCK IN A POND."

"What the fuck - what's a duck got to do with it?"

"Because on the outside, you're really calm, but underneath you're panicking you know, like aduck paddling furiously under the water surface."

WHICH IS THE FUNNIEST, STRANGEST, BUT ODDLY ASTUTE ANALOGY I'VE HEARD SO FAR. Which was why then, I thought, hey I like this boy.