Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sometimes I surprise even myself.

Was flipping through a (recent) notebook of mine when I came across this:



On another note, with the sudden onslaught of university admission flurry of matriculation number-finding-and-registering, tution grants (you mean it no automatic? government give me no money?), MISSED DEADLINES, medical check-ups, choosing orientation camps, probably missing orientation camps and therefore, ergo, eventually, having no friends...I am very, very terrified.

Which is weird, because usually I am quite gung-ho about moving to new territory. But I think maybe in this period of flitting from job to job, I am quite tired of the whole New Kid routine. You know, the whole sussing people out, uneasy exchange of humour.

I wish someone would just talk to me, the way we used to in school. I miss it, and I think in a rather unpleasantly needy way, I well, need it.

Easy conversation.

On another, another note! Look what came in the mail. Right, this was from the Admission Handbook for Freshmen that NTU sent me in the mail. With regards to the schedule of our medical check-up:

"Ladies, if your medical examination date falls on your inconvenient day of the month, please feel free to come at another date."

I kid you not.

Ladies? Inconvenient day of the month? Dude, how archaic - say it Mr. Writer sir, say it: FEMALE STUDENTS. MENSTRUATION. PERIOD.

If we're lucky, maybe they might even be showing us this video in the waiting room!


(I hope you watched the video! Because it is funny! Credit to Hazri who showed it to me a long time ago! Credit also to that single neurone of mine that bothered to retain trivial bit of youtube content!)

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bintan was amazing.

Which is quite funny, considering that it really was just the typical, semi-luxe beach holiday that I've been to so many times. Think the crucial difference is that it was no family, all-friends time. Yeah!

All was typical except that:
- We saw double rainbows!
- And a meteorite! In the day! Seriously. It was a bright burning ball with a tail moving really slowly in the sky. I say meteorite, or INVADING ALIENS.
- And a huge rhino beetle that was saved!

And I loved floating around the pool platform, singing Backstreet Boys and consequently annoying tash who will never, ever, understand the cheesy love for boybands that we kids who grew up in the 90s hold near and dear.

And I loved the stars that we saw at the kelong on our second night. It looked like an atrium! So huge and amazing and augh.

And then there was this partaaaaaay at the hotel club which I didn't go for, but the banner was DAMN FUNNY. It said: Xperience the scandal of the land. HAHA

And sangeetha was flirted with by the bellboy! Who gave him her nummber, hmm Rikda?

And bumpy, buggy rides from the concierge that seemed faster and more dangerous than they really were but sent us into giggle fits anyway.

I loved talking with Zara and Tash in the early morning, and seeing them wake up. You know, naturally, while still in bed. Instead of well, in lecture theaters all messed up and stressed.

And I loved waking up in the early mornings - very bright in Bintan - and seeing Syahrul (even if its his arm pit, ack!) beside me with all the white bedsheets and blankets aglow in the morning light.

I loved trooping down at 5.30AM (i kid you not) to the beach to see the sun rise. And more excitingly, see scurrying hermit crabs that are actually pretty! And a school of fish jumping out of the sea like dolphins.

And I loved floating around the sea and have tiny schools of fish swim around you! Instead of like, a random plastic bag like at East Coast. Sometimes there were big striped fish too!

And huge buffet breakfasts! And being able to see the faces of my friends light up, because we're having such a simple, great time.

And playing with cute, non-bratty white kids named India and Oscar! Who speak french!

I am/was so, so, very happy.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hot damn.

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When I saw this dress, the fingers that belonged to the arm that I had plopped on the desk actually stretched out towards the computer screen, wanting.

Want this dress.

Even more so when the original blogger posted it, saying: Zooey Deschanel may be the only person who can pull off Erin Fetherston's petal dress.

No, me too. Me.

Want this dress, so bad.