Wednesday, December 17, 2008



Did the second piece for this illustration competition - the theme was 'change' and the brief was to create a layer on top of the original photo provided. I think the Official Rationale that I provided was:
What struck me most about the original photograph was the rays of light that exposed the colour that lay hidden in the dark alley. This change to me represents the exposing of truth and in my interpretation, this truth also bares everything, to the bone. In line with the photograph’s original theme, it also brings colour and life, and the bones are brought into blinding clarity.

Which is part truth, part embellishment ha.

It was kinda really fun coming up with this piece, I did several of actual collage, drawing and paint layers on tracing paper before scanning them in to fiddle with in Photoshop. A side benefit from that is the other bits and pieces that come from the process itself.



I've realized recently that when something amuses me, I actually say "LOL, (insert remark)" in my head. Seriously, lawl.
1. I am talking to myself a lot more than I do to other people,
2. in internet lingo!

Clearly this is a sign that I've been spending too much time talking to people online, in lieu of real-time, real-life interaction.

New Year's Resolution #5632: Get an actual social life please.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

LOL LOL LOL LOL I stun myself at how potent a blast of jealousy can be. The last time I even felt remotely this was three years ago when I was seventeen. Dude, I am twenty freaking years old and in no place to be harbouring such juvenile sentiments, yeah? Come on, I am smart, hard-working, not-ugly, decently talented, loved, have had some measure of success and need to stop this shit with myself.

Ah fuckity-fuck, Internet networking sites are evil. That is all.

Anyway, vacation's over. Goodbye regular, delicious meals eaten at a leisurely pace with lovely family and funny conversation. Hello pile of crap* that I eat in front of the computer while doing endless, unrewarded work.

  1. Breakfast: McDonald's Egg McMuffin meal with Milo
  2. Doubledecker Chicken chips
  3. Naturally Preserved Guava (right!)
  4. package of dried squid that tastes crummy so I'm not even touching it anymore

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Its been a long while, photo-wise! Some of the photos come from damaged negatives when i messed up processing the film (still have no idea how it happened lol) but luckily it was for my experimental photography class..what a convenient excuse lol







punched holes in the negative for this one